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Wildlife of Central India - David Raju & Surya Ramachandran

Wildlife of Central India - David Raju & Surya Ramachandran

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  • Authors: David Raju & Surya Ramachandran
  • Publication Year: 2017
  • Paperback: 302 pages
  • Publisher: Notion Press
  • Language: English 
  • ISBN: 9781946390097
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When one think of viewing wildlife in central India, the first names that pop up are the internationally renowned Bandhavgarh and Kanha Tiger Reserve home to the iconic Bengal Tiger. But There is definitely a lot more to this wonderland than just big cats. The overall hilly Terrian, interspersed with grasslands, fields, wetlands and forest, offers a huge diversity of Wildlife. Over 40 mammal species, from the iconic tiger and the endangered river dolphin to the nocturnal shrews and civets, call this region their home. If one includes the number of bat species of the region it almost doubles the total mammal count. Apart from this, there are over 400 species of birds, 150 species of butterflies, close to 100 varieties of dragonflies, a plethora of reptiles and amphibians, and a huge variety of insect and arachnid species.

In this compact portable field guide, we have tried to cover all species of mammals (bats are represented by families and a few prominent members), birds, butterflies, dragonflies, reptiles and amphibians that have been recorded in the protected zones and their surrounding areas.

We have refrained from including species whose true range remains unknown. Complicated family groups like insects( including moths), arachnids, fish and invertebrates have been left out to reduce the complexity and size of the guide.

A clear photograph of the adult of the species, most often the male, has been provided for all animals. This is accompanied by a short written description that covers physical identification and field characteristics, a few behavioral notes and best viewing localities wherever applicable. For more detailed information on any given section or group one can refer to the various popular wildlife books and specialist field guides that have already been published( Mentioned in the further reading section Page 260)

Our Book however, acts as a one stop solution to replace the multiple numbers of reference books that people carry on their trips to the wilderness. Above all we hope that this book becomes a tool that help people become aware of the diversity of this vast region and enhances their knowledge and appreciation of their surroundings.



Excellent book for wildlife lover



The book is very well written and immensely informative. A must-have for wildlife enthusiasts



Liked the book ...very good pictures and information..


Amazing book

This is definitely the best book for anyone who is a newbie in wildlife. This book has so many rare species photographs which we can hardly find anywhere. I love this book


Classic book

Classic book. Loved the complete book. But if you really want to enjoy the book then suggest you to read it in the quiet hours.

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