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The Vanishing Stripes – Jai Mohan & Akash Mohan

The Vanishing Stripes – Jai Mohan & Akash Mohan

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  • Authors: Jai Mohan, Akash Mohan
  • Publication Year: 2017
  • Paperback: 276 pages
  • Publisher: CinnamonTeal Publishing 
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-9386301321
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About the Book

In love with India’s jungles and wildlife, where excitement and danger is ever present, the authors bring the jungle, animals, and human characters to life with their unique style of writing. Teeming with memorable characters—such as the cunning man-eating tigress of Achanakmar, Masan Baba, the tantrik who took on a leopard armed with just a pair of tongs, and Baba Sita Ram Das, the sadhu who tended to crocodiles but lost his hand in the bargain—and interspersed with narratives of some British hunters of yore, these real life jungle tales are bound to entertain casual readers and wildlife enthusiasts alike.

The book provides a keen insight as to why these man-animal conflicts happen and what we, as a worldwide community, can do to decrease their tragic occurrence. Through anecdotal tales, the authors also provide tips and tricks for understanding basic wildlife behavior, from alarm calls to eating habits, thus preparing readers for their own personal encounters in the wild.

The authors are very passionate about tigers and spend most of their free time at tiger reserves and national parks of Northern and Central India studying the state of conservation work there. Their jungle excursions give them an opportunity to write about many man-beast encounters that are true accounts of their own experiences and interviews with the characters involved in these incidents. They cover parts of India that are still relatively unknown and not as well-documented as other wildlife tourism-friendly locations in the country.

About the Authors

Jai Mohan is a writer and an enthusiastic wildlife and nature photographer. Having lived most of his life in central and northern India, he has spent a lot of time in some of India’s most verdant jungle belts. His love for the wild is evident in his writings. Besides entertaining readers with true jungle tales, some gruesome and some almost unbelievable, his aim is to share the alluring world of Indian jungles with readers and promote greater understanding and, with that, a greater responsibility towards wildlife conservation.

Akash has followed his father’s footsteps in taking to wildlife photography. What started as late night drives on deserted airfields trying to spot leopards and chasing albino foxes with Jai on the wheel of their yellow Willy’s jeep, or drives to Shahdol, Amarkantak, and Achanakmar to sight tigers and leopards, has snowballed into pure passion for both of them. They spend as much time in the jungle as they can where they both enjoy their wildlife photography, learning from each other and from others whom they encounter on these sojourns. 

This father-son duo of Jai and Akash have turned their hobby into an all-consuming passion and way of life. With this book of their real life wild encounters, they truly have answered the call of the wild.


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