Tadoba National Park

Three tigers in tadoba

One of the most notable and oldest Parks of Maharashtra is Tadoba National Park. It is situated in the Chandrapur district of the state and is the largest Tiger Park in Maharashtra. Tadoba National Park is also referred to as Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve due to River Andhari that flows in this area.

The term ‘Tadoba’ is derived from ‘Tadoba’, the name of God worshipped by local people in the Chandrapur district. Though Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1986, Tadoba National Park was established way back in 1955. Both of these places were amalgamated in 1995 and brought under Project Tiger. Since then the Park is better known as Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve.

There is a great history behind the Park name. Tadoba or Taru was the chief of the village and people worshipped him like God. But sadly, he was killed during an encounter with a tiger. After the incident, a shrine of Tadoba Guru was made under a huge tree on the bank of Tadoba Lake, as a dedication to the chief.

The total area of the reserve is 1727 sq km, out of which Tadoba Park covers an area of approximately 625.4 sq km. Area: 625.4 square km Location: Chandrapur district of Maharashtra Established: 1955

Major Tourist Attractions in Tadoba National Park

Tadoba Lake

This lake lies in the middle of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. There are more than 200 bird species found in the lake area and include Indian Pitta, Paradise Flycatcher, Indian roller. Commonly seen birds include golden oriole, grey hornbill, black-hooded oriole.


It is a small village that serves as an entry gate to the Moharli zone of the reserve. One can easily get private gypsies at this place for Jungle Safari in the reserve.

Erai Dam

This dam is situated across Erai River near Tadoba National Park. It is around 1620 meters long and has a height of 30m. It has a great storage capacity i.e. 226500 cu km and its volume content is 985 cu km.


It is a beautiful village near Tadoba. One of the village borders connects to Kosla zone as the entry gate of the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. It is a great place for nature lovers due to its picturesque beauty.


The Park is rich in flora and fauna. It has three separate forest ranges namely Tadoba North, Kolsa South, and Morhurli range. There is one river i.e. Tadoba River and two lakes Kolsa Lake and Tadoba Lake in the park. These water bodies play a vital role in maintaining the ecosystem of the Park. Vegetation of forests is mainly of Southern tropical deciduous type and is widely spread over the whole area of Tadoba Park. Teak is prominently found in this area that is basically a hilly one and also includes terrain and hillocks. The dense forest area along with smooth meadows and deep valleys form a great atmosphere for wild animals. The wild flora of the park consists of Teak, Bija, Dhauda, Salai Semal, Bamboo, etc.

As far as Fauna is concerned, the animals noted in the park are Tigers, Python, Nilgai, Sambar, Jungle Cats, Barking Deer, Leopards, Chital, Crocodile, Cobra, Crested Serpent Eagle, Wolf Spiders and many more. One can also find woodland bird species in the area. There are about 43 Tigers in the reserve.

Activities to be enjoyed

Jeep Safari gives travelers an awesome opportunity to explore the rich wildlife of Tadoba National Park. Jeep Safari can be accessed by three zones i.e. Moharli, Tadoba, and Kosla zone. Timings of the safari vary for the summer and winter seasons.

Jungle Safaris are conducted in buses. A single bus accommodates a maximum of 12 people at a time. The bus takes the visitors throughout the jungle so that they can enjoy watching animals in their natural habitat. One can also hire a Gypsy at Moharli gate. Private vehicles can be hired at Chandrapur city.

Travelling tip

  • Pre-book your safaris to get the most out of your trip to Tadoba
  • Book at least 4 safaris,2 for mornings and 3 for the afternoon so that you can spot maximum wildlife
  • Don’t forget to carry printouts of your id card and booking documents.
  • Wear full sleeves clothes to avoid sunburns in summer
  • The jungle is dusty and hence, carrying the shades is a must to protect eyes.
  • Carry light food and water as jungle safari can be 3-4 hours long

Where to Stay

There are many luxurious places to stay in Tadoba. A list is given here as under:

  • Tiger Trails Jungle Lodge
  • Camp Serai Tiger
  • Irai Safari Retreat
  • Svasara Jungle Lodge
  • Tiger Heaven Resort
  • Tadoba Tiger King Resort

How to get there?

By Air

  • The nearest Airport is Nagpur tat is about 140 km away from Tadoba. From there, it takes about 3 hours to reach the Tadoba National Park.

By Train

  • There are two train stations nearby Tadoba. Chandrapur train station is around 49 km while Nagpur station is 151 km away from Tadoba.

By Road

  • Chandrapur and Chimur bus stop is nearest i.e.32 km away from Tadoba. One can also hire cabs from Mohrali.


  • Don’t roam around alone in the jungle after its dark
  • Don’t purchase any tickets from unauthorized travel agents
  • Refrain from showing any affection to animals as they may not like it
  • Don’t cause any disturbance to co-visitors
  • Don’t smoke in the forest
  • Don’t light campfires in the forest.

For economical stay in the budget, Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation Hotel in Mohrali and Maharashtra Guest House by Forest Development Corporation is also available.


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