Kanha national park

Kanha National Park

Kanha national park is a wonderful, amazing, beautiful and most diverse place present in India. Kanha national park has a beautiful mesmerizing environment which becomes more attractive in the fogs of winter. However, the time at which the beauty of this national park is at its peak is from February to June .This national park is located in Madhya Pradesh state of India and is also known for being the biggest in the state. This Tiger reserve is first in India to get mascot named Bhoorsingh the barasingha. And you will be amazed to know that this national park was a part famous story of “The Jungle Book”.

Area: 940 Sq. Km.

Location: Mandla and Balaghat district in Madhya Pradesh

Established: 1st June 1955 and got status of Tiger reserve in 1973

Major Tourist Attractions in kanha national park

Kanha museum

This museum is a major attraction near the Kanha national park and is an informational hub of the biosphere reserves. This museum has different things in form of pictures and specimens that will let you know about the wild life. Kanha museum is amongst those places that you must visit once to learn about the place.

Sunset point of Bamni dadar

This sunset point is very mesmerizing at the time of sunset and a place that is a must visit if you go to Kanha national park. The place is quite popular amongst tourists due to its natural and wildlife rich scenery.

Jeep safari

Kanha national park offers its visitors a jeep safari that is very amazing and thrilling as one can see the natural beauty of Kanha region. Sometimes you can get lucky to see the rare high grounded barasingha and also the great and mighty tigers in the forest.

Local crafts and goods

There are several places near Kanha national park where you can purchase crafts and goods in remembrance of your visit to the park. There are many handmade products that can be used to decorate the interiors of your house.


This national park is a forest area having many dangerous animals and thus, travelling by foot will not be a good option. While clicking photos, make sure you maintain a safe distance from animals as the can harm you.

How to reach Kanha national park?

By Air

  • Jabalpur airport is the nearest airport from the Kanha national park and you can take a private cab from there to the national park.

By Train

  • Jabalpur station is the nearest railway station from there and this railway station is very well connected to rest other parts of the India. From there, a taxi is only option to reach Kanha national park.

By Road

  • Kanha National Park has a good connectivity with roads. It is connected with the major cities of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra.

Where to stay

Kanha national park is surrounded by a number of hotels, motels and resorts where you can relax and enjoy the traditional Indian delicacies. These hotels can be booked easily from an online portal. On-time service is also available.

Travelling tips

Kanha national park is place where you can roam to experience the wonder of nature but for that a jeep or elephant ride would be ideal. You will be required to carry enough amount of fluid to keep you hydrated. And if you love photography, then, be alert all the time because there you can get best wildlife shots.


Kanha national park is rich in diverse variety of flora with more than 1000 species of only flowers. From Sal trees to bamboo forest and from grassy meadows to open forests, it offers visitors a visual retreat with a great floral variety united at a place. The Indian ghost trees also have their presence in the forests of kanha national park. It has the tropical moist highland forests of deciduous nature and bamboo forests along with high density forest zones which have a variety of parasitic plant species. Moreover, it also has aquatic plants found in the lakes which are also the next home to seasonally migrating birds.

Kanha national park offers abode to thousands of species of birds and animals but is very much renowned for its Tigers and hard ground Barasingha, which are only present in kanha national park. This is the only home left for hard ground barasingha in the world which means if you want to see these, you have no other option available other than Kanha National Park.

Some other animals seen in the park are striped hyena, sloth bear, four-horned antelope, wild cat, civets, porcupine and honey badger. These are only some animals that are mentioned but there is a large variety of animal present in the kanha national park. The jungle safari of kanha national park is also a place where around 300 species of birds can be found. Largest animal in the national park is Gaur. One can see wildlife actions in the park very closely. Kanha national park is also the home for a number of reptiles and amphibious animals.


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