About Us

Have you ever pondered about experiencing wildlife & getting awesome merchandise sitting at your home?

Have you ever met someone excited to plan your date with wildlife?

Meet Wildlense.com from the house of WildLense Eco Foundation, latter was incorporated under company act in India & having its offices across 8 cities by the end of 2023. We are on a mission of wildlife conservation through tourism & for the same we have our own NGO (non-government organization) Wildlense Eco Foundation.

Well! No worries, we are here with an ultimate solution to all your queries related to wildlife and much more. WildLense brings you a safari paradise online where you get specialized merchandise, wildlife books & CDs, Safety & comfort products during safari & adventure trips –everything at just one click and that too, at unbelievable prices.

What makes us special is our all-star professional team working 24x7 to take care of your needs especially during your adventure dates with wildlife. Our very own travel experts plan your trip like a family and even, provide special trip guidance so that you get an Ultimate trip. We also provide economical tourist packages, professional drivers and tour guides to assure you a safe and comfortable journey. Our experienced tour guides not only bring you around with our custom-designed safari, but also deliver an expert and unmatched knowledge about the visited places unlike other safari operatives. So, all-in-all we exist to deliver nothing but the best so that you get that unforgettable memories during the whole vacation. Love it??

Wait, we are not done yet! We also bring bird-lovers a special birding experience, where we take you to such places that are a complete heaven for birds, you can say. Our birding tour includes exclusive tour packages for places where you can find maximum diversified species of birds. Just imagine sitting at a serene place and enjoying colourful birds chirping like singing a song for you exclusively. Sounds mesmerising, isn’t it?

Well, last but not the least, we also deal in all wildlife related stuff like camera, books, images, specific information about national parks, safaris, travel bags, wildlife biographies, DVDs and everything that captures the attention of wildlife lovers. This collection displays such angles of the Earth that one might never get to see in reality but our exclusive collection will make you experience wildlife beauty at an amazing prices.

Our only objective is to bring all the astonishing surfaces of nature to you in the comfort of your home. Don’t miss the chance to watch all exciting videos and photos all from our page, exclusively made for you. In case, you crave to see mighty animals like Asiatic Lions, Bengal Tigers, One-horned rhinos, Swamp seers and the alike for real, book your trips easily at our website.

Come and let us arrange your date with wildlife, the most precious gift of Mother Nature to us-human beings. We look forward to serving you very soon.