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The core mission of WildLense is Wildlife Conversation. We are on the path of safeguarding and preserving the diverse wildlife of our country through the medium of tourism. What makes us special is our all-star professional team working 24×7 to take care of your needs especially during your adventure dates with wildlife.

If you’re a member of the media and would like to talk, please get in touch with the appropriate team or send an email to [email protected].

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Photographer Captures Shocking Images Showing Impact of Improper Mask Disposal on Wildlife! Here's How to Dispose off PPE Kits & Latex Gloves Right Way to Protect the Environment
A photographer who goes by the name @WildLense_India on Twitter and uses his lenses in a way to contribute to Wildlife conservation has shared some shocking pictures that capture the ghastly impact of improper disposal of masks.
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Visiting cards that can 'grow into a plant' made by a Kanpur firm catches a civil servant's fancy
We have often come across people throwing away paper business cards on roads — which just adds more to waste. What if we said, there’s a way you can use business and when you decide to throw it away it can become a plant.
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IFS Officer’s Plantable Visiting Cards Go Viral, Here’s How You Can Get Your Own
Imagine a world where all the paper you mindlessly discard turned into plants, a world that we could green as we went along. Sounds far-fetched? It isn’t. Especially not if you went the extra mile with intention and mindfulness.
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How many elephants do you see in this picture? Video will tell you there are 7
Dixit had clicked the picture during his visit to Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand last year. He shared the photo on NGO WildLense Eco Foundation’s Twitter profile.
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How Many Elephants Can You Spot in This Perfect Shot? Viral Photo Has Twitter Baffled
A picture of a group of elephants standing in a water body, probably a river, has left netizens scratching their heads. Now, the question arises what’s so confusing in that photo.
How Many Elephants Can You Count In This Video? Twitter Is Confused
A few days ago, WildLense Eco Foundation, a non-governmental organisation, shared a picture that appears to show a group of four elephants standing next to a water body.
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There are 7 elephants in this video. Can you count them all before the clip ends?
While taking photographs and videos in Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand, wildlife photographer Gyaan Dixit stumbled upon such a mesmerising scene which has now wowed many on Twitter.
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Can you guess how many elephants are drinking water in this incredible video?
A clip was shared by the Twitter account WildLense with the caption, “Few days back we have posted this image as 7in1 Frame, now watch carefully till the end how this is 7in1 frame.
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Photos Of Boy Rescuing Fawn Resurface, Netizens Say 'important To Remember Heroes'
Shared on Twitter by Eco Foundation WildLense, the pictures capture the exact moments when the boy rescued the helpless animal amid the devastating floods.
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Elephant Calf Struggles To Cross Barrier, Netizens Call For Better Wildlife Projects
A ‘heart wrenching’ video of an elephant calf struggling to cross over a barrier on the road has promoted a discussion on the importance of a suitable mitigation measure for the wildlife. Shared on Twitter by ‘WildLense’
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OMG! Rare red snake found in UP; netizens call it ‘beautiful’
The image of the very rare, a red coral Kukri snake was captured at the Dudhwa National Park. The picture of the snake was shared by a Wildlife conservation team, Wildlense.

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