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Tours & Bookings

> Is there any early bird promotions?

> For what reason are some safaris cheaper than yours?

> Will I require a visa?

> I got an error message while making a booking, what does this mean?

> Would I be able to ask for a guide who talks my dialect?

> How would I ask for a safari from

> How is different from other online travel portals?

Account & Security

> Do I require Travel Insurance?

> Is my data safe with you?

> What techniques for payment would I be able to use on the website?

> How would I pay for my trip?

> Do I have to make an account or would I be able to order once off?

> Is it necessary to carry my e-ticket with me?

Replan & Cancellation

> Would I be able to alter my opinion and exchange for another plan?

> What I need to do if I want to cancel my booking?

> What is your Cancellation Policy?

Support & Feedback

> Can I print my tickets at home?

> Is smoking permitted in the park?

> Where can I find more details about the company?

> Can I bring my own food and drinks?

> Can I bring my camera?

> Should I be worried about crime?

> What would be advisable for me to do in the event that I don’t get a confirmation email?

> Is it necessary to carry my e-ticket with me?

> How can I write a review/feedback on for my trip?

> Does the offer any deal/discounts?

> Hi, i am not able see my country’s flag on the Please suggest me that how can I view in my language?

Return & Exchange

> How do I return an item for an exchange or a refund?