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Wildlense Ecofriendly Plantable Seed Pen (Pack of 10 pens)

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  • Made of unused and waste paper by shredding into tiny pieces.
  • Uses handpicked organic seeds which suit your regions climatic conditions
  • Available Options: Mustard seed pen, Sunflower seed pen, Chili seed pen, Tomato seed pen, Daisy White seed pen & many more
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Each one of us has used a pen and then disposed of it without giving it a second thought. Whether you’re a student or a working professional, we all have continued doing it heedlessly. Ever wondered what happens to used pens that you dispose of so easily in the dust bin? Ever wondered where they go from your dust bins?

Here’s a surprising piece of information, pens are not recycled in most countries. On average, every major pen manufacturer sells approximately 57 pens per minute.  Adding them all up, pen manufacturing companies contribute to billions and billions of pens that are made of plastic. These toxic plastic pens are mindlessly and quickly disposed of even when they are working fine. Can you imagine the amount of disposable plastic pens that accumulate each year?

These plantable paper pens are made in a well planned manner and serve as a unique gift. These pens consist of a refill that is rolled up in recycled seed paper. Unused and waste paper is shredded into tiny pieces and then made moist with the help of another natural resource, water. This process is done with the utmost love and care to provide you with a good, premium quality of the paper. Later, this plantable paper is infused with handpicked, organic seeds to suit your region's climatic conditions. We ensure that this process is done by experienced ecological experts as this step is very crucial.


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